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Continuing Education Requirements for ALD Licensees

As a professional license holder, you are required to complete ongoing education.  The Board developed multiple options for you to improve your skillset that reflects a variety of communities. It is important that you assess what you require to be successful at your community, complete the training and record those clock hours to renew your license. This is advanced education beyond the initial entry level administrator/director education. 

Licensed Assisted Living Directors (LALD) require 30 clock hours per every two-year period. This two year renewal rolls over every August 31st and falls on every even year (2022, 2024, etc.). New LALDs will have their CE prorated based on when their license is earned. Minnesota Rules (see 6400.7090 and 6400.7091) and the NAB Domains of Practice of assisted living as identified in the job analysis for directors are used to determine whether CE is approved. CE sessions after the beginning of the licensee’s renewal period are acceptable but these same courses cannot be used again during the following year.

Renewal of License Period

Licensees must maintain proof as pursuant to Minn. Rule 6400.6850 (LNHA/LHSE) and 6400.7091 (LALD) of having completed the number of CE credits claimed at the time of renewal and shall, upon request of the board, make that proof available for audit to verify completion of the number and validity of credits claimed. Documentation to prove completion of CE credits must be maintained by each licensee for four years from the last day of the licensure year in which the credits were earned.

  • For the Licensed Assisted Living Director (LALD), 30 clock hours in the preceding two years of licensure between September 1, (even year) and August 31 (even year) of the renewal period of September 1 to October 31.  Annual licensure renewals are every year.   Annual renewal with clock hours required every even year (2022, 2024). 
  • Online renewal of license is opened on a limited basis, two months prior to the expiration of license. Any renewal after the expiration of the license is subject to late fees and reinstatement requirements. ALD Legacy licensees will be subject to current application requirements if the license is lapsed.


Renewal of License Steps to Record Continuing Education

Approximately four months before the expiration of your license, email notice is sent to your board registered email. 

  • Online renewal of license is required and is open two months prior to the expiration of license. The renewal option will activate on your licensee portal.
  • If you do not renew at least ten days prior to the license expiration, you may encounter a lapsed license. A board issued wall certificate is required for compliance at each community with a HFID issued by MDH of which you are the administrator or director of record.  Renew early to avoid challenges.  The board receives a time stamp of all online activity. Renewals received after the license expired are considered late, with a minimum of a late fee and potentially other license disciplinary action.

Attestation of Clock Hours to Renew your License

Effective immediately the renewal of license issued by BELTSS is moving to an attestation process.  The Board will require each license holder to maintain their individual continuing education (CE) records.  The previous electronic links did not always synchronize causing inconsistencies.    You will be required to maintain approved CE for up to four years.  The same CE must be maintained for the Minnesota Department of Health survey.

Audits and Licensee Record Retention Requirement

The board shall annually select on a random basis at least five percent of the licensees applying for renewal to have their claims of CE credits audited for compliance with board requirements. 

Notice of the audit will be sent to the individual with instructions. It is advised to maintain an electronic log with the supporting materials in your compliance folder for MDH and in case of a BELTSS audit. 

Continuing Education Links

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