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Licensure Guide for Applicants

BENHA’s mission is to promote the public’s interest in quality care and effective services for residents of nursing facilities by ensuring that licensed administrators are qualified to perform their administrative duties.
Minnesota Statutes require that the administrators of the approximately 400 skilled nursing facilities in Minnesota maintain licensure with the Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators (BENHA).   
BENHA is a Minnesota Health Related Licensing Board whose 11 members are appointed by the governor.  Board membership is set in statute and includes licensed administrators, a nurse, a doctor, and public members. BENHA currently has approximately 850 licensees. 

To become licensed as an administrator a person must meet board requirements and pass examinations to test their knowledge of subjects related to nursing home administration.  
To remain licensed, an administrator must meet continuing education requirements set by the board and practice in accord with federal and state laws and regulations and board standards.

This section of the website has two purposes:  1) to interest prospective administrators in a career as a nursing home administrator, and 2) to inform persons who have become interested in a nursing home administrator career about the board’s requirements and the process for licensure in Minnesota.

Further explanation about the information in this handbook

Minnesota Law and Board Rules govern licensure requirements and process.  If there is an unforeseen conflict between Minnesota Statute and Rules and this Handbook, the law and rules supersede.  As statutes, rules, and board interpretations change, the information in this section may become outdated. Applicants are responsible for insuring that they have knowledge of and comply with all current laws and rules. Contact the Board office with any questions or to ensure the currency of information. 

So... You're thinking about a career in nursing home administration...

Questions About Nursing Home Administration

Getting Started

Currently, there are two ways to become licensed in the State of Minnesota. 

Licensure by exam includes applicants who have completed courses to satisfy the requirements in State Rules. There are two options for individuals who have completed courses and would like to become licensed through examination:

Option A: New Graduate

Option B: Applicant with Experience 

Both Option A and Option B require completion of required courses to become a LNHA.

Licensure by Endorsement/Reciprocity, or Option C, requires evidence of having actively and effectively served full time for a minimum of two continuous years within the immediate past five years as the licensed nursing home administrator and chief executive officer of one or more nursing facilities in a single jurisdiction (state) regulated by the licensing board of that jurisdiction. 

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements in State Rules to be eligible to hold a license in Minnesota.

What requirements must I meet to become licensed?

What schools offer the required courses?

What if I've already taken courses covering some of the requirements? Am I eligible for course waivers or a reduction of practicum hours?

What if I'm licensed in another state?

What information do I have to submit with my application?

The Application Process

Licensure Responsibilities

First ant foremost, learn About Your License.  Review the pages under the Licensees tab on the Board website.  This tab reviews:
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