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Initial Licensure Requirements

Minnesota requires a bachelor's degree for licensure whether you apply for initial license in Minnesota or already have a license in another state and may have practiced for many years. The only exception is for persons who hold current certification as a nursing home administrator from the American College of Health Care Administrators.

Academic Course Requirements
Minnesota requires applicants for initial licensure, and those who are licensed in other states but do not meet the experience or certification requirements, to complete accredited post-secondary academic courses in the following subjects:

Organizational management
Managerial accounting
Health care and Medical needs
Long Term Care Supports and services
Human resources 
Regulatory management 
Quality measurement and performance improvement

For a more complete description of the academic course requirements and of the evidence required to prove that courses you may already have taken satisfy the requirements or that experience you have meets requirements to decrease the duration of the practicum requirement see Minnesota Rules 6400.6500, 6570, 6600 and 6650.
For information about post-secondary academic institutions in Minnesota and Wisconsin that offer courses to meet the board's requirements for licensure, see BENHA Accredited College Programs link at left.

400/1000 Hour Practicum 
On September 1, 2017, applicants submitting their initial 18 month application for license will be required to complete a 1000 hour practicum if they have no experience.  Prior to September 1, 2017, the 400 hour practicum, with no experience, remains in effect. The practicum experience must be completed for academic credit at an accredited post-secondary institution. A reduction or waiver of the hour requirement can be obtained by providing evidence of documented health care experience. The practicum must be coordinated through a faculty member providing a signed learning agreement coordinated with the preceptor and student. Specific requirements are found in Minn. Rules 6400.6600.

Minnesota State Rules Exam
Minnesota requires all applicants to pass a 1 hour 20 minute, 34-item, multiple choice open book exam testing candidate ability to research and interpret Minnesota Statutes and Rules pertaining to operation of a Minnesota nursing home. Additional information on the state examination is found at link at left. You must have an active application on file with the board to be eligible to take the state exam.

NAB Exam
Minnesota, like all 50 states and DC, requires its licensees to successfully complete the examination developed by the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators - the NAB exam. It is a 150-item multiple choice test covering Domains of Practice in the areas of:

customer care, supports and services
human resources
management and leadership 
View the Domains of Practice document for details.

FYI: The NAB exam fee is paid online to NAB/PES, not to the state licensing board.

Board Rules - 6400.6970 FEES pertaining to the application process
Subpart 1. Payment types and non-refundability. The fees imposed in this part shall be paid by cash, personal check, bank draft, cashier's check, or money order made payable to the Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators. All fees are nonrefundable.
Subp. 2. Amounts. The amount of fees may be set by the board with the approval of the Department of Finance up to the limits provided in this part depending upon the total amount required to sustain board operations under Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.1285, subdivision 2. Information about fees in effect at any time is available from the board office. The maximum amounts of fees are:
A. application for licensure, $150;
B. for a prospective applicant for a review of education and experience advisory to the license application, $50, to be applied to the fee for application for licensure if the latter is submitted within one year of the request for review of education and experience;
C. state examination, $75;
D. initial license, $200, if issued between July 1 and December 31, $100 if issued between January 1 and June 30
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