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Requirements for Assisted Living Director Licensure

An Assisted Living Director is the person who administers, manages, supervises, or is in general administrative charge of an assisted living facility. There must be one designed LALD as the Director of Record of each Minnesota Assisted Living facility.  This person does not need to be an owner of the facility. Only an individual who is qualified as a licensed assisted living director and who holds a valid license for the current licensure period may use the title "Licensed Assisted Living Director" and the abbreviation "L.A.L.D." after the individual's name. ( MN State Rules6400.7000)
The ALD Legacy pathway provision ended at 11:59 PM on June 30, 2021. All fees paid are non-refundable. 
Applications for Assisted Living Director
In order to be qualified to serve as an assisted living director, an individual must have completed an approved training course and passed an examination approved by the board that is designed to test for competence and that includes assisted living facility laws in Minnesota. Upon successful completion of your application requirements you will be issued a license by the Board. If you plan on serving as the Assisted Living Director for a facility you are required to have a permit for that facility issued by the BELTSS board. We recommed you apply under the Assisted Living Director-in-Residence (ALDIR) application option.
Assisted Living Director-in-Residence (ALDIR)
ALDIR is designed to allow individuals who are currently serving as Director and do not qualify an opportunity to apply for licensure and complete their education and experience while working in an assisted living setting as a Director under supervision/mentorship for up to a year as they complete their licensure requirements.
Before you apply, please review the list of items and links below:
Minnesota Statute and Rules:
State Rules: 6400 & 4659
Chapters: 144G

Apply for Licensure - Assisted Living Director (ALD)

For more information about the Assisted Living Licensure process, please visit the Department of Health’s Assisted Living Licensure website.

There are 4 different application options for assisted living director licensure. Each option has different requirements to satisfy for completion; it is important that you as an applicant understand your choices before you apply. Please view the ALD Flowchart/Application Guide to get a better understanding of what is necessary for success.

Assisted Living Director in Residence (ALDIR)

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