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Skilled Nursing Facility Employment Posting

For the Facility

The LNHA Job Posting Service is provided for Boards of Directors and Owners which require a licensed administrator to lead their elder care community. Please call the office with any questions you may have for interim administrators or acting permit options for your community. Please complete the form to add your Administrator listing to the Career Opportunities and Administrator Job Posting

A listing of administrators is provided as a service to owners and Boards of Directors in need of licensed administrators. The NHAs listed are those who have indicated their interest in being considered for a vacancy. Other than acknowledging that these individuals are licensed in the state of Minnesota, our office provides no review or endorsement of their qualifications or experience. Please contact the administrators listed for their resume. The LNHA is listed for one year from the date their request is received. Good Luck in your search for an administrator for your facility. 

Request the most current listing of LNHAs seeking positions

For the Licensed Administrator

A listing of administrators is collected for distribution and use by skilled nursing facility owners and Boards of Directors in search to fill vacancies. The listing consists of LNHAs who have indicated interest in being considered for a vacancy.  If you are interested in being added to the listing, please complete the request form.  Requests made using this service are updated to the website weekly on Friday.

Current Employment Opportunity Postings


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