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Applicant Types

There are four (4) different application types for Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) licensure. Each option has different requirements to satisfy for licensure completion. It is important that you, as an applicant, understand your choices before you apply. An explanation of each application type is listed below. We recommend all applicants review each type of application prior to applying for licensure.  All Eight Specific Courses and Practicum must be completed at a NAB or Minnesota BELTSS approved program to be eligible for this license type.

1. Education Application Basis (01)
For individual(s) who were recently awarded a bachelor’s degree which meets the course requirements from a NAB or Minnesota BELTSS approved NHA education program. NOTE: The applicant’s official transcript must show satisfactory grades for each course and their earned degree. This serves as evidence for MN Rules 6400.6570,

2. Experience Application Basis (02)
For individual(s) with a bachelor’s degree in an ancillary field who requires only a portion of the Minnesota required courses or a reduction in practicum hours. To have courses waived and/or practicum reduced individual must complete the course/practicum waiver review process. You may choose to go through the education review prior to applying for licensure. This process allows applicants to determine if they meet the minimum requirements prior to applying.

3. Endorsement Application Basis (03)

For individual(s) who are actively licensed in another state, hold a bachelor’s degree, and can demonstrate are or were employed full-time as a licensed nursing home administrator for a minimum of two continuous years within the past five years. The individual will also need to demonstrate they served actively and effectively at the time of the employment.

4. American College of Health Care Administrators Certification (ACHCA) Application Basis (04)
For individual(s) who have completed the requirements of the American College of Health Care Administrators. Minnesota requires a bachelor's degree for licensure whether you apply for an initial license in Minnesota or already have a license in another state and may have practiced for many years. The only exception is for persons who hold current certification as a nursing home administrator from the American College.

5. Education Review (05)

For individual(s) who would like to seek board review and approval of previous academic courses prior to submitting an application for licensure.

Individuals will be required to submit previously completed courses they believe meet the listed academic requirement. Candidates with Education obtained over seven years prior to submitting the review or licensure application must supplement the content submitted with the experience that demonstrates continued competency (continuing education, work experience, etc.).

This option allows candidates to provide clear evidence that they have completed academic courses that substantially meet the Minnesota course requirements obtained through non-Minnesota approved programs.

Once you have determined the appropriate application basis for you, you may apply or submit an education review. If you are unable to complete the application online, you need to contact the BELTSS office to discuss your options.

Note: Applications will remain for 18 months after they are submitted and paid. After 18 months, all applications expire.

NHA Education Application Basis

This basis is for individuals who have completed a Minnesota and/or NAB NHA program. The individuals who apply through this application basis will have to meet the course and practicum requirements stated by the academic institution.

Experience Application Basis

This option is typically for individuals with a bachelor's degree in a related field who require only a portion of the required courses or are eligible for a reduction or waiver of practicum hours due to experience.

Endorsement Application Basis

Endorsement licensure may be obtained in Minnesota by submitting evidence of having served full time for a minimum of two continuous years within the immediate past five years as the licensed nursing home administrator of one or more nursing facilities in a single jurisdiction (state). The applicant must also possess a minimum of a BA/BS degree.

American College of Health Care Administrators Certification

Experienced administrators may apply online and qualify for waiver of academic and practicum requirements by submitting evidence of current NAB-endorsed ACHCA certification as a nursing home administrator.

Education Review

Education review applicants must complete a form, gather supporting evidence, and pay a fee.

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