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Shared Administrator Assignments

Licensees who serve as administrators must obtain a secondary (shared) license from the board so that they can display their license at each facility that they are the administrator. A LNHA may oversee two nursing home facilities with a shared license. No Nursing Home Administrator may at any time oversee more than two locations without a valid shared license, unless the individual also has an Assisted Living Director License (LALD). In this situation, an LNHA who is also an LALD may oversee one nursing home and one assisted living. A shared license is not required for this type of situation.

Within 15 days of assuming the position, the shared administrator, must submit an application to serve as a shared administrator. The additional administrator director license will indicate the facility the license was issued to. Those additional licenses are not transferable and are only valid for those additional locations. The fee is $225.00 for an additional location. Please submit the NHA Shared application on the license portal by submitting a new application as a Shared Administrator. A NHA shared Administrator agreement will also be required for those locations. The shared agreement is available under the forms and tutorials.

Report a Change of Facility - Log in to your license portal and navigate to the Administrator of Record section of the Profile tab to add your additional locations.

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