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Criminal Background Check

Minnesota state law (Minn. Stat. 214.075) now requires that all applicants and license reinstatement must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check . The Minnesota Health Related Licensing Boards (HLBs) have cooperatively established the Criminal Background Check Program (CBCP) to help licensure applicants efficiently complete mandatory background checks. CBC for licensure is separate from any other background check you may have undergone for work, military, licensure in other states, licensure with other boards, or any other purpose. Likewise, the CBC obtained for licensure with the HLBs cannot be used for any other purpose. All criminal background check (CBC) questions should be directed to the CBCP, not the Boards.  Contact should be made to or (651) 201-2822.

The CBC process begins when the board sends a CBC request to the CBCP. For most boards, this occurs when the application fees have been paid, or on the following business day.  Application fees include a $33.25 CBC fee. 

Once the CBC receives the request form the board, the CBC program will send an email with instructions on how to obtain fingerprints and where to send the completed fingerprint cards.  Be sure to read this email carefully to avoid delay in permit/licenses being issued.  It is strongly encouraged to review your emails regularly which may include your spam/junk email for an email sent by the

Background checks are valid for 12 months from the date they are completed. Please plan accordingly as BELTSS licensure applications are valid for 18 months.

The Criminal Background Check Program (CBCP) address is 335 Randolph Ave, Suite 180, St Paul, MN 55102. 

Please see the The Criminal Background Check Program (CBCP) website ( for more details.

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