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Field Experience

An applicant for licensure as an assisted living director must complete a field experience/practicum. The field experience must provide practical learning experience to complement ongoing core training and work, or volunteer experience in assisted living, long-term services and supports, general health care, and management.

The board uses the National Administrator in Training Program Manual, also referred to as the toolkit to guide both the Mentor and the Mentee/ALDIR through the field experience/practicum.

The field experience must be conducted within an assisted living facility or facilities and under the direction a Mentor.  The Mentor must be licensed as Assisted Living Director (LALD) or Health Services Executive (LHSE).  

Duration of the field experience will be determined by the self-assessment and the mentor, with 480 hours recommended but a minimum of 320 hours required, and a maximum of 1,000 hours allowed with the focus on topics identified  in the self-assessment.

At the end of the field experience, the Mentor will complete a evaluation on the Mentee/ALDIR.  It is strongly recommended, Mentee/ALDIR complete the field experience prior to completing the examinations.  Completion of the field experience and mentor evaluation is required before a license is issued.

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