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Assisted Living Directors

General Information

Get definitions of what an Assisted Living Director is, read Frequently Asked Questions, and more.

How to Apply

Information on the different applicant types, the applicant process, and more.

Courses and Education Programs

Assisted living program courses, Minnesota accredited programs, and official transcript requests.

Field Experience

An applicant for licensure as an assisted living director must complete a field experience/practicum. The field experience must provide practical learning experience to complement ongoing core training and work, or volunteer experience in assisted living, long-term services and supports, general health care, and management.


Information on national and state exams.

Residency Permit

A temporary residency permit is issued for the non-licensed individual working as an Assisted Living Director.

Shared Director Assignment

Licensees/Permitted individuals who serve as directors for up to five (5) facilities must obtain a secondary (shared) license/permit from the board so that they can display their license/permit at eah facility that serve as the director.

Active Licensees

Director of Record, shared director assignments, license renewals and verifications, continuing education, mentor/employment interest lists, and license reinstatement.

Continuing Education

Requirements, attestation record form and activity list, approved continuing education list, and audits.

Forms and Tutorials

Applicant Forms, Licensee Forms and Video and Step by Step Tutorials

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