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Kate Grathwol

Minneapolis, MN

Kate Grathwol is the president and CEO of Vision Loss Services, Inc., its partnering social enterprise Contract Production Services and DeafBlind Services Minnesota LLC. She is steward of Minnesota’s leading nonprofit provider of training, support and outreach services for people with vision loss, blindness and deafblindness. Kate’s history of health care innovation is fundamental to Vision Loss Resources’ direction. She has fifteen years of clinical experience working with blind and visually-impaired adults and children. Before joining Vision Loss Resources in 2002, she served as manager of the Vision Rehabilitation Center at the Phillips Eye Institute. Kate has an M.S. from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and a Ph.D. in Health Services from Walden University. She is a nationally-recognized in the areas of vision loss and age-related eye disease.

Photograph of  Kate  Grathwol
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