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Assisted Living

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Elders who require help may find it in assisted living situations.

Sometimes called Housing With Services, assisted living offers a package of services offered to elder tenants living in congregate housing.

The providers of services generally are required to register with the Minnesota Department of Health as Housing With Services (HWS).

In many Housing With Service buildings, the rent may include a basic package of services and amenities such as:

• 24 hour on-site staff,

• transportation for shopping and health care appointments,

• continental breakfast,

• cultural activities,

• wellness programs,

• laundry assistance,

• help managing finances,

• help arranging medical or health services,

• help making appointments with social workers, and

• housekeeping.

How do I know this building is registered as Housing With Services?

Find Housing with Services Settings in or call the Minnesota Department of Health at (651) 215-8701.

What care is provided?

Services that are offered vary from site to site.

If the site is registered as Housing With Services, the owner/operator must write a 17-point contract with each tenant. If fees are charged for health-related services, then the owner/operator must obtain a home care license or contract with a licensed home care agency.

How do I find assisted living in my community?

Find Housing with Services with Assisted Living Designation in or call the Senior LinkAge Line® One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors at 1-800-333-2433. Be sure to consider how the cost of the rental package and additional services fit into your available income and assets. Shop around and compare costs among buildings.

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