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Telenursing Across State Borders

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The Minnesota Board of Nursing considers nursing practice as occurring in the state in which the client is located at the time nursing care is provided. If a nurse from another state is providing nursing care by telephone or other electronic means to a client located in Minnesota, the nurse must be licensed to practice nursing in Minnesota.

If a nurse in Minnesota is providing nursing care to a client located outside of Minnesota, the Board suggests the nurse contact the agency which regulates nursing in that jurisdiction to determine whether the nurse is required to obtain a license to practice nursing in the jurisdiction where the client is located. Contact information for other Boards of Nursing may be accessed at:

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is assisting nursing boards to implement a model of mutual recognition of nurse licensure. This activity was initiated in part in response to the advent of telenursing. Information regarding the multistate nurse licensure compact may be viewed at the NCSBNs website:

See the definitions of professional and practical nursing in the Nurse Practice Act, Minnesota Statutes, section 148.171, subdivisions 14 and 15 (2004). The Nurse Practice Act may be accessed on the Boards website.

Developed 2000
Reviewed 2006; 2010

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