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Biennial Reports

The Minnesota Health Licensure Boards ("HLB") individual biennial reports for 2020-2022 are submitted in accordance with Minnesota Statute 214.07, subd. 1b, which states as follows:

Each health-related licensing board must prepare a report by October 15 of each even-numbered year. The report must be submitted to the administrative services unit serving the boards. The report must contain the following information for the two-year period ending the previous June 30: (1) the number and type of credentials issued or renewed; (2) the number of complaints received; (3) the number and age of complaints open at the end of the period; (4) receipts, disbursements, and major fees; and (5) such other information that the interest of health occupation regulation require. The report must also contain information showing historical trends. The reports must use a common format and consistent terminology and data. 

2020-2022 Minnesota Board of Nursing Biennial Report
Access the Board of Nursing section of the health-related licensing boards' biennial report. 

2020-2022 Health-Related Licensing Boards Biennial Report
Access the biennial report for all health-related licensing boards

Archive of Health-Related Licensing Boards Biennial Reports
Access an archive of the biennial reports for all health-related licensing boards.

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