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What is Reregistration?

If you have been licensed in Minnesota but have not renewed, reregistration is the process by which you reactivate your license. Requirements vary depending on how long your registration has been expired and how long it has been since you last practiced nursing.

You must submit an application, fee, and confirmation of nursing employment form. You may also have to complete and report continuing education. If you have not practiced nursing for five years or more, you are required to take a nurse refresher course or equivalent.

The Board wants to give you the most accurate information for your personal situation. When your completed application and confirmation of nursing employment form are received, the Board will inform you whether to report continuing education hours and whether you are required to take a nurse refresher course.

Reregister online

  • You can access the online reregistration application by clicking on the Online Services link and logging in to your Licensee account.

Reregister using downloadable forms

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