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Other Minnesota Statutes Pertaining to the Operation of the Board of Nursing

This list contains references to other Minnesota laws related to the operation of the Board of Nursing; however, it may not be complete.

Additional statutes may be accessed on the Web site of the Office of Revisor of Statutes.

Chapter/Section Subject
Chapter 13 Minnesota government data practices act
Section 13.41 Licensing data provision
Section 13.411 Licensing data coded elsewhere
Section 13D.01 Minnesota open meeting law
Chapter 14 Administrative Procedure Act
Chapter 15 State agencies in general
Section 144.051 Data relating to licensed and registered persons
Section 144.052 Use of data
Section 144.1485 Database on health personnel
Section144.706 to 144.7069 Minnesota Adverse Health Care Events Reporting Act
Chapter 144A Nursing Homes and Home Care
Sections 144A.61 Nursing assistant training
Chapter 214 Examining and licensing boards: General; License suspension for nonpayment of child support; Data collection; Health Care Provider Tax
Chapter 364 Criminal offenders, rehabilitation
Section 631.40 subd 2 Court to forward to the Board a copy of a nurse's conviction of crime against a minor
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