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Minnesota Commitment Act

APRNs and authority to order holds

The Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act defines examiner and health officer (see Minnesota Statute section 253B.02, subdivisions 7 and 9) and the authorities of each. Examiners are defined as:
  1. An APRN licensed in the population focus of psychiatric and mental health, or

  2. An APRN who is practicing in the emergency room of a hospital, so long as the hospital has a process for credentialing and re-credentialing any APRN acting as an examiner in an emergency room.
An examiner is authorized to issue an Examiner Emergency Hold (72-hour hold).
Any other APRN is considered a health officer. A health officer may exercise the peace or health officer authority (see Minnesota Statute section 235B.05, subd. 2.) The peace health officer authority is only a transport hold that allows a person to be taken to a treatment facility to be seen by an examiner to determine the need for an Examiner Emergency Hold Order.
Full text of the law may be obtained from the Revisor's website at:
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