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Related Rules pertaining to Minnesota nurses

This list contains references to other Minnesota rules related to nursing practice; however, it may not be complete.

Additional rules may be found on the Web site of the Office of Revisor of Statutes.

The DHS Rules conversion table may be accessed at the DHS website.

Chapter/Part Subject
Chapter 2911 Correctional Facilities
Chapter 2960 Programs for Children
Chapter 4601.1800 Providing Cause of Death Information
Chapter 4655 Boarding care homes
Chapter 4658 Nursing homes, including administration of medications by unlicensed personnel
Chapter 4664 Hospice Services
Chapter 4665 Supervised living facilities.Also, see the Department of Health June 2005 Information Bulletin 05-3
Chapter 4668 Home care, including assisted living home care providers
Chapter 4675.0500 Administration of anesthetic drugs in outpatient surgical centers
Chapter 4732.0560 Ordering radiographic examinations
Chapter 6950 Infection control standards for HIV, HBV
Chapter 8710.6100 Licensed school nurse
Chapter 9503 Child care center
Chapter 9505 Adult day care, community alternative care, pre-admission screening; supervision of personal care attendants
Chapter 9515.3000 - 9515.3110 Sexual Psychopathic Personality Treatment Center
Chapter 9520 Mental health services
Chapter 9530 Chemical dependency programs
Chapter 9545 Residential treatment programs for children with severe emotional disturbance
Chapter 9555 Adult foster care and social services for adults
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