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Nurse Practice Act

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148.171 Definitions; title.
148.181 Board of nursing membership, vacancies, disclosure.
148.191 Officers; staff; powers.
148.211 Licensing.
148.212 Temporary permit.
148.231 Registration; failure to register; reregistration; verification.
148.233 Identification of certified registered nurses.
148.234 State boundaries consideration.
148.235 Prescribing drugs and therapeutic devices.
148.242 Fees.
148.243 Fee Amounts.
148.251 Nursing program.
148.261 Grounds for disciplinary action.
148.262 Forms of disciplinary action; automatic suspension; temporary suspension; reissuance.
148.263 Reporting obligations.
148.264 Immunity.
148.265 Nurse cooperation.
148.266 Disciplinary record on judicial review.
148.267 Reports to the commissioner of health.
148.271 Exemptions.
148.281 Violations; penalty.
148.283 Unauthorized practice of professional, advanced practice registered, and practical nursing.
148.285 Transfer of assets.
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