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Closed Nursing Programs

Closed Nursing Programs
The Board of Nursing has approved nursing programs since 1907. Nursing programs may close voluntarily or the Board has the authority to revoke approval and remove the program from the list of approved nursing programs.

Accessing Student Academic Records for Closed Nursing Programs
A closed nursing program must make arrangements for secure storage of students' academic records or transcripts for 50 years after the program closed. The organization that maintains the records is responsible for furnishing copies of student academic records to graduates for that period of time. To access the name of the organization responsible for furnishing student academic records for a specific closed nursing program contact the Board of Nursing at

Accessing Historical Information for Some Closed Nursing Programs
The Minnesota Historical Society has historical information on some closed nursing programs but none of those collections include student academic records. The public may access historical information regarding some closed nursing on the Minnesota Historical Society website at and follow directions for the on-line catalogue search.

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