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Programs preparing persons for licensure as advanced practice registered nurses, professional or practical nurses must be approved by the Board of Nursing. Access links below for requirements for initial and continuing approval, information regarding approved pre-licensure nursing education programs, and nursing education reports. Information regarding the requirements for approved refresher courses is provided, as well as links to state and national organizations relevant to nursing education.

Annual Nursing Education Program Reports 
Access the current and historical nursing education reports with information regarding nursing education program approval, trends in nursing education, NCLEX data,  and work of the education committee.

Advanced Practice Nursing Programs
View a list of the advanced practice programs recognized by the Board.

Approved Practical Nursing Programs
View a list of practical nursing programs and link to their home pages.

Approved Professional Nursing Programs
View a list of professional nursing programs and link to their home pages.

Board Corrective Action
Access information regarding programs below the first-time candidate success rates on the NCLEX minimum standard.

Closed Nursing Programs
Read about closed nursing programs.

NLN Fair Testing Imperative in Nursing Education Guidelines
The Minnesota Board of Nursing has endorsed the NLN Fair Testing Imperative in Nursing Education Guidelines.

Nursing Education FAQ
Learn more about nursing education in Minnesota with answers to frequently asked questions. 

Practical or Professional Nursing Students Work Experience
The document offers guidance for employers hiring individuals who are preparing to become a practical or professional nurse.

Refresher Course Criteria
View the Board criteria for a nursing refresher course.

Requirements for Approval of a Nursing Program
Read about the requirements for approval and renewal of approval of a nursing program and link to statutes.

Statistical Data
Access data regarding Minnesota nursing education programs and graduates.

What to Look for When Choosing a Nursing Program
Provides helpful information for those pursuing an education in nursing.

National Nursing Accreditation Organizations

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

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