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Application For Continued Authority To Practice After Certification On File Expires


 What is reauthorization?

To maintain an APRN license and for authority to practice as an APRN in Minnesota, current certification must be on file with the Board as an APRN in the role and population for which you are licensed.

If you have been licensed as an APRN in Minnesota and your certification on file with the Board has expired, reauthorization is the process by which you reinstate your authority to practice.  You must submit to the Board an application, penalty fee (if applicable), confirmation of advanced practice registered nursing employment form, and the certification must be sent directly to the Board from the certifying body.

When the Board has received, processed the required documents,  and penalty fee (if required), your Minnesota APRN license will be reinstated.  Until that time you will not be authorized to practice as an APRN in Minnesota.

Reauthorization online

  • The online reauthorization application process is not yet available and you will need to print and complete the forms below.

Reauthorization using downloadable forms



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