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Benefits Overview

The State of Minnesota has a comprehensive benefits program. Eligible employees participate in the State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) and may choose either single or family coverage. There are a variety of insurance benefits and services available for eligible state employees.

Health Insurance

The Minnesota Advantage Health Plan is the medical benefits program available for state employees. Choose from among three health insurance carriers: BlueCross BlueShield, Health Partners, or Preferred One. Each plan provides comprehensive health benefits, flexibility to make choices that best fit your needs, free preventive care services, a prescription drug program (Navitus Health Solutions), low out of pocket expenses, and clinic locations throughout the state and bordering communities. Health insurance may be provided at a monthly cost to you and family coverage is also available.

Primary Care Clinics are selected from a list of participating clinics. Convenience Care Clinics provide a cost effective alternative to family care clinics for minor illnesses, tests and vaccinations. Online Care Benefits may also be accessed which include Doctor on Demand and/or Virtuwell.

Health Assessments are a valuable educational tool enabling employees to learn more about their personal health. They are offered annually and include a follow-up call from a health coach to offer specific action plans. A personalized, confidential report may be provided to employees, and reduced office visit copayments may be available for those who participate in the annual health assessment.

Dental Insurance

Choose from two Dental Carriers: Health Partners or the State Dental Plan (Delta Dental). Each plan provides comprehensive coverage for most conditions requiring dental diagnosis and treatment, including orthodontic treatment for children under age 19. All plans also cover a broad range of preventive services.

Dental insurance may be purchased as a new employee on an optional basis for yourself and your dependents. Dental is generally open every other year to enroll.

Life Insurance

The state offers both basic life insurance, and optional life insurance coverage. SEGIP provides basic term life insurance based upon your annual salary at no cost to you. Additional term life insurance is also available and may be purchased for yourself, your spouse, and eligible children at a minimal cost.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

This optional benefit is available for both an employee and their spouse. It provides coverage for death or dismemberment due to an accident.

Disability Insurance

Optional disability insurance offered through the state will help replace lost income should you become totally disabled.

Short-Term Disability insurance provides you with income for up to 180 days if you become totally disabled due to a non-work related injury, illness or pregnancy.

Long-Term Disability insurance provides you with income beyond 180 days of total disability for an injury, or illness, or pregnancy.

Managers Income Protection Plan - long term disability and special basic life coverage are combined for employees covered in the managerial plan and certain employees in the commissioner's plan.

Pre-Tax Benefits

Pre-Tax benefits are offered by the state and can provide you with substantial tax savings. By paying your health and dental plan premiums, eligible dependent care, and medical and dental expenses with pre-tax dollars, your taxable income - and your taxes - are reduced. Because you pay less in taxes, your actual income may be greater.

Dependent Care Expense Account - This benefit allows you to pay for certain dependent care expenses, such as day care, with pre-tax dollars.

Medical/Dental Expense Account - This benefit allows you to pay for certain un-reimbursed medical and dental expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Health and Dental Premium Expense Account - The amount you pay for your health and dental insurance is automatically withdrawn from your pay before it is taxed.


Eligible state employees are automatically enrolled in a retirement plan through the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS). The General Plan is the largest plan administered by the MSRS. Some positions at this agency are covered by the Correctional Employees Retirement Plan. As a member of this program both the employee and the employer contribute towards your retirement fund.

The Deferred Compensation Program is optional and another way to save for retirement and defer taxes. With this program a portion of your income is deposited in a tax-deferred account. A wide variety of investment options are available to help you meet your retirement objectives. Pre-tax or Roth after-tax options are available.

The Health Care Savings Plan is another way to save money, tax free, to use upon termination of employment to pay for eligible health care expenses. Eligibility for participation is determined by contracts and plans.

StayWell - Wellness Program

Wellness programs can help you get started on a healthier, stronger you. Personal health assessments, follow up programs, and health coaching are available. Programs are offered free of charge by phone or on-line.

Work Well

Health and Wellness Committees, Health Promotion Programs, and events may be available at our various work locations. In addition, proper set up of your work station is important to us. Ergonomically correct workstations may help to avoid injuries over time. Information and assistance will be available to you.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential, professional assistance to help employees and families resolve work and personal issues.

Value Added Benefits

Minnesota Life offers four (4) value added benefits to employees at no cost.

Will Preparation and Legal Services - Phone access to a national network of accredited attorneys for consultation on simple wills, estate planning documents, and other legal issues.

Travel Assistance - Available 24/7 when traveling more than 100 miles from home for business or pleasure. Includes assistance to locate and access physicians, dentists, medical facilities and pharmacies; and more. A wide range of travel information is available.

Beneficiary Financial Counseling - Beneficiaries who receive at least $25,000 in policy benefits may use an independent beneficiary counseling services through Pricewaterhouse Coopers. They offer advise and counsel with the beneficiaries written consent.

Legacy Planning Services provides information and resources to help active and retired employee's and their families deal with the loss of a loved one or plan for their own passing.

State Employee's Incorporated

The State Employee's Inc. (SEI) is a non-profit organization that offers State of Minnesota employee members entertainment and other valuable discounts. An SEI membership includes a membership in Minnesota Employee Recreation and Services Council (MERSC). There are many discounts on various services, event tickets, recreation, restaurants, travel, and much more.

Credit Union Membership

Full service financial institutions are available and include:

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Highway Federal Credit Union

Pay Periods
Employees are paid every other Friday.

Paid Days Off

Vacation Leave - Full-time employees may accrue a number of vacation days each year, as outlined in contracts and plans, through the first five years of employment. As length of service with the state increases, the amount of vacation time accrued may also increase. Part-time eligible employees may receive vacation leave based on hours worked.

Sick Leave - Full-time eligible employees may receive a number of sick days per year, as outlined in contracts and plans. Part-time eligible employees may receive sick leave based on hours worked.

Paid Holidays - There are several paid holidays and one personal holiday each year, which are listed in contracts and plans.

Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence are available and listed in contracts and plans. These may include: bereavement, court appearance, jury duty, military, medical, parenthood and more.

Family and Medical Leave

Qualifying employees are eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, under the Family and Medical Leave Act, for certain family or medical situations. While on unpaid leave, the employer contribution to your insurance coverage continues, and your job is protected.

Combined Charities Campaign

State employees may make contributions to the state's combined charities campaign which has raised millions for Minnesota organizations.

Vacation Donation Program

This program helps critically ill state employees who are burdened with high medical bills, and critically ill employees who have used up all sick and vacation time due to their illness.

SEGIP Call Center

An insurance call center was established to assist employees with their insurance questions. This includes health, dental, life, disability, pre-tax benefits and retiree coverage. These services are available through Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Phone: 651-335-0100. E-mail:

Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB)

Access to additional information on insurance benefits and services may be obtained at the Minnesota Management and Budget website.

This is a general summary of the State's benefits program for full time benefits-eligible employees and is provided for informational purposes only. Eligibility requirements, waiting periods, and actual benefit levels and coverage are determined in accordance with the terms and condition of each collective bargaining agreement. Such documents govern in every instance. Prorated medical and dental benefits are also available for less than full-time employees. The state reserves the right to change, amend or discontinue any plan at any time as permitted by applicable law. Values expressed are based on data available for full-time, benefits-eligible employees as of revision date.Updated: 5/25/2017

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