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License Verification

ONLINE LICENSE VERIFICATION REQUEST SITE   (NOTICE:  Beginning on June 1, 2023, Licensees will be charged a separate fee by US Bank for online payments through the portal using either a credit or a debit card. The handling charge for a debit card transaction will be 1.25% of the fee. The handling charge for a credit card transaction will be 2.15% of the fee.)

(How to Request License Verification via site)

A. License Verification Sent from Minnesota to Another Board

If you are applying for a veterinary license in another state or Canadian province, there is usually a requirement for license verification, commonly called a letter of good standing, from other states where you have been licensed.  The fee to have the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine send a license verification to another licensing board is $25.00 (MS 156.015, subd. 1).

  • The license verification document contains basic license information: Name, Date of Birth, License Number, Status, Issue/Expiration Date, and Disciplinary Action information.
  • In order to request a license verification online we require that you create an online account for your Minnesota veterinary license. If you have already created an account you can log in using your username and password and click "Online Services" to request verification. Please use our reference document "How to Register as a New User" for registering as a new user.
  • If you would like to print and mail in you license verification request with a check, please use this form: License Verification Request Form.
  • If the state requires a form to accompany your application please submit the form to the Board electronically to be included with the MN-generated verification form. You may send the form to:

B. License Verification sent from Another State to Minnesota for Minnesota Veterinary Application

If you are applying for a Minnesota license, you must provide license verification from any state or province where you have been licensed in the past ten years. Please contact the other state Board/Provence to learn their procedure for verifying licenses and to find out if there is a fee. Different states have different processes and the processing time varies, so please plan accordingly. Online verifications are not sufficient for your Minnesota veterinary license application; verifications must be primary source documents.

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