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U of M VMC Faculty Clinician License

VMC Interns and Residents

The Minnesota Veterinary Practice Act requires that all interns, residents, and faculty practicing in the University’s Veterinary Medical Center are licensed by the Board. All interns and residents must have a standard veterinary license. There are three licensure categories available; however, only those faculty applicants who do not qualify for a standard license should apply for the specialty or temporary license.

NOTICE: Criminal Background Check Information Update

As of March 15, 2021, applicants must submit fingerprints for the Criminal Background Check (CBC). Until that date, an applicant who has received the CBC package and cannot find an agency to perform the fingerprinting will still have the option of requesting a name and date of birth search. If an applicant’s CBC was based solely on a name and date of birth search, that applicant MUST submit fingerprints within 180 days on the date the initial CBC was requested.

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