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Criminal Background Checks

Overview of the Criminal Background Check Process

Beginning on June 1, 2016, Minnesota law and Board policy now require that all applicants for initial licensure or license reinstatement must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check (Minn. Stat. § 214.075). Veterinarians with existing licenses may be required to have a one-time criminal background check (CBC) in the future in conjunction with license renewal.

The Minnesota Health Licensing Boards have cooperatively established the Criminal Background Check Program to help you efficiently complete this mandatory background check. Fingerprints are crosschecked with databases of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When you apply for licensure, the criminal background check fee ($33.25) must be bundled into your other licensing fees and paid at the same time. After you have paid all required licensing fees and the criminal background check fee, you will be e-mailed a packet containing additional information and directions from the Criminal Background Check Program. You are responsible for having your fingerprints taken promptly and for completing all required paperwork so as to not delay finalizing your license application. Previously taken fingerprints cannot be used. Some agencies charge a fee for fingerprinting services.  

The time required for a CBC varies with the workload at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and cannot be expedited. During periods of high numbers of CBC requests, BCA’s search of records may take weeks. 

Please note: The report received from the BCA and FBI is only valid for a year. Applications that are not completed within a year of the CBC will be invalid and no fees refunded.

Please note the CBC fee increased from $32.00 to $33.25 on January 1, 2019.

Please direct any questions you have about the background check process to Criminal Background Check Program staff, and not the Board.

Criminal Background Check Program

335 Randolph Avenue, Suite 180

St. Paul, MN 55102

(651) 201-2822 


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