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Applying for First Veterinary License

Applicants not currently licensed (including senior students)

Applications will be deemed abandoned if all licensing requirements are not completed within one year after the application has been filed with the board.

The following documentation must be provided to the Board to support the application:

  1. Paper form or Online Application  (NOTICE:  Beginning on June 1, 2023, Licensees will be charged a separate fee by US Bank for online payments through the portal using either a credit or a debit card. The handling charge for a debit card transaction will be 1.25% of the fee. The handling charge for a credit card transaction will be 2.15% of the fee.) *Application progress can be checked by logging in to your account at Applications will be deemed abandoned if all licensing requirements are not completed within one year after the application has been filed with the board. Licenses and applications MUST be under your full legal name. Application and Criminal Background Check Process Flow Chart

  2. Fees (Pay by credit card if applying online.) Pay by check or money order to Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine if using paper application. All payments must be in U.S. funds and are non-refundable. 

    - $50 Application Fee (NOTE: This is required and is separate from the NAVLE application fee which is paid to NBVME) 
    - $50 Jurisprudence Examination Fee 
    - $33.25 Criminal Background Check Fee (see item 3. below) (Increased from $32.00 on January 1, 2019)
    - $200 Initial 2-year License Fee

    TOTAL: $333.25

  3. Criminal Background Check information. Beginning on June 1, 2016, Minnesota law and Board policy now require that all applicants for initial licensure or license reinstatement must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check (Minn. Stat. § 214.075). When you apply for licensure, the criminal background check fee ($33.25) must be bundled into your other licensing fees and paid at the same time. After you have paid all required licensing fees and the criminal background check fee, you will be e-mailed a packet containing additional information and directions from the Criminal Background Check Program. You are responsible for having your fingerprints taken promptly and for completing all required paperwork so as to not delay finalizing your license application. Previously taken fingerprints cannot be used. Some agencies charge a fee for fingerprinting services. (Please note: The report received from the BCA and FBI is only valid for a year. Applications that are not completed within a year of the CBC will be invalid and no fees refunded.) NOTICE: Criminal Background Check Information Update: Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a packet via email from the Criminal Background Check Program with in 24-48 hours. Please complete this and return the fingerprinting packet as soon as possible so that your background check can be done while you are submitting the other required items for your application. To view the Criminal Background check process, please go to

  4. Notarized letters of reference (Affidavits) from at least 2 veterinarians and 3 other adults who are not related to you setting forth how long a time, when and under what circumstances they have known you and any other facts as may be proper to determine your qualifications for licensure.. Letters of reference are considered affidavits and therefore require a notarized signature on each letter. You may search for a notary using the Minnesota Secretary of State's notary website. In lieu of having reference letters notarized, they can with conclude with the sentence:  “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.”. Please have veterinarians include in their letter an active license number and state where currently practicing (veterinarians may be practicing in a state other than Minnesota). Letters MUST be signed (physical signature or acceptable digital signature (i.e. DocuSign, Adobe Signature, etc.) Notarized letters may be sent separately from the application form via mail to 335 Randolph Avenue, Suite 215, St. Paul, MN 55102.

  5. Score reports of all previously taken national examinations in veterinary medicine, NAVLE (or NBE and CCT); certified by the Veterinary Information Verifying Agency if scores were not already sent to the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine at a past exam date.

  6. Copy of discharge papers if you have served in the military. 

  7. Either:

        a. Proof of graduation (copy of your diploma or official transcript) conferring the DVM degree from an AVMA accredited College of Veterinary Medicine; or a letter from the Dean attesting that you are a student in good standing, your enrollment     date, and anticipated graduation date if you are applying before your anticipated graduation date. NOTE FOR UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA STUDENTS: The Dean will provide a list to the Board, but it is your responsibility to provide the     Board with a copy of your diploma or transcripts after you have successfully completed graduation requirements. 

        b. If enrolled in/ graduated from a non-accredited school, verification of ECFVG or PAVE enrollment and anticipated completion date is needed. 

  8. Jurisprudence exam (see paragraph below for details)

The Minnesota Jurisprudence Examination is a 50-question open book examination on the laws and rules governing the practice of veterinary medicine in Minnesota. An applicant is eligible to take the Jurisprudence examination when all other requirements for licensure have been submitted, including a passing score on the NAVLE (or NBE and CCT) examination. You are allowed to take the jurisprudence exam before the Board receives Criminal Background Check results.  You will receive a copy of the jurisprudence exam electronically at the email address you provided on your application. Hard copies are available by request. There is a two-hour time limit for taking the exam. The jurisprudence exam will be sent to you once all other required documents have been received.  Passing score for the jurisprudence exam is 90%. If an attempt is unsuccessful there will be a $50 fee to retake the exam and a different version of the exam will be sent to you. Applicants are allowed to take the exam up to 5 times. If special accommodations are needed for the exam, please reach out to the Board.

Even though you’ve passed the NAVLE, Jurisprudence Exam, received your diploma, and have a clean background check, you CANNOT practice veterinary medicine until the Board issues you a license. 

Applications will be deemed abandoned if all licensing requirements are not completed within one year after the application has been filed with the board.

Temporary and Specialty VMC Clinician Licenses CANNOT be applied for online. You MUST use the designated paper form. 


**At the  Board Meeting on April 10, 2019, a motion was made to delegate authority to the board’s Executive Director to issue a license to candidates that meet all routine licensure requirements. The motion was unanimously approved.


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