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Board Apointments

Current Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies to join the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine. 

Board members are selected by the Governor for a four year term. Applicants must be Minnesota residents and have practiced veterinary medicine in this state for at least five years prior to their appointments to be considered for this opening. The application process begins with the announcement of the open position by the Secretary of State which typically occurs in November. The application opportunity closes December 1st but may remain open until the position is filled. The appointment announcement from the Governor’s office occurs in late spring, but may be made any time after January 1st. More information is available from the Board’s office which can be reached at or by calling 651-201-2844.

Open Appointments

Board member vacancies occur yearly. The Governor appoints all members with the open appointment cycle which begins in November of each year.  All members must reside in Minnesota. Board terms are four years with no official limit of terms that can be served.  If multiple qualified candidates are filing applications, typically two terms are the maximum served by existing board members. Five of the seven Board members are veterinarians with at least 5 years of experience in Minnesota and are representative of diverse aspects of veterinary medicine and regions of the state. Two are public members with animal experience. Specific qualifications sought in potential Board members will vary each year, dependent on the role of the exiting member. The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association may make recommendations to the Governor if aware of a person’s interest in the position.

As a state agency, the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine’s mission and primary responsibility is to promote, preserve, and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and animals through the effective control and regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine. The Board approves veterinary continuing education programs, processes complaints about veterinarians, and where warranted, imposes disciplinary action against veterinary licenses. The Board also investigates and resolves complaints against non-veterinarians that may engage in activities that comprise veterinary medicine as defined by law.

Board members serve the critical role in setting and enforcing entry level criteria for licensure and continued competency standards.  Electronic mail is the predominant form of communication for complaint investigation. The Board holds three meetings annually, with more frequent committee meetings for conferences with licensees and any urgent issues. Board members are eligible to receive the current $75.00 day per diem and are reimbursed for their direct travel, accommodation, and meal expenses in accordance with state reimbursement schedules.

Application for Board Member Appointment - Procedure:

In accordance with the Minnesota Open Appointments Law, the Secretary of State acts as an administrator in publishing vacancies every November, receiving applications, and recording appointments. Applications must be obtained from and submitted to the Office of the Secretary of State. Please contact their office at (651) 297-5845 or visit their website at Pertinent information can be found under “Open Commission Appointments”. Please submit your application as soon as possible to be assured full consideration by the appointing authority. Applications will be accepted until all appointments are made by the Governor.

Options to obtain and submit an application to the Minnesota Secretary of State Office are:

1. Electronic Submission: online at

2. Mail or deliver to:

    Office of the Secretary of State, Open Appointments

    180 State Office Building

    100 Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd

    St. Paul MN 55155-1299

3. Fax to (651) 296-9073

Governor Appoints

The Governor’s Appointment Secretary receives the applications and works directly with the Governor to make all appointments.  This process can take a few months with all appointments generally made by February of each year, but may take until June.  The Appointment Secretary may directly contact the applicant for an interview or follow up information to share with the Governor.

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