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License Renewal

License renewal for licenses expiring 2/28/2019 are currently available online. Minnesota veterinary licenses are issued for a two-year period.  Even-numbered licenses renew on March 1 of even years and odd-numbered licenses renew on March 1 of odd years.


Minnesota veterinary license renewal is open online now through February 28, 2019. Please open the renewal site to start the renewal process.

  • The Board has an online licensing portal to help you maintain your Minnesota veterinary license. If you have not yet created a username and password to log on to your veterinary license account, please do so by clicking the renewal portal link and clicking "Register to Access Site".
  • Instructions for creating an online account are available in this help document: How to Register as New User.
  • Step by step instructions for completing your renewal online can be found in this document: Renewal Instructions.
  • Renewal form

Please note that you will be required to answer a question attesting to your completion of 40 hours of continuing education; credits in the period of 3/1/17 to 2/28/19. If you do not have enough hours, you may still renew, but please contact the Board Office before you do so at or 651-201-2844.

Active Status Renewal Information

If you practice in Minnesota, you must have an active license.  To renew in active status, you must certify that you will have completed 40 hours of continuing education (CE) during the previous two-year renewal period March 1 through February 28. The current fee for an active license is $200 for two years and the current fee for an inactive license is $100 for two years.

  • Fee: $200
  • Late Fee: $100 (total $300)
  • Must have obtained 40 hours of CE to renew. Please view CE requirements here.
  • If you renew prior to obtaining 40 hours of CE but plan on attending an educational event prior to 2/28/2019 - please answer "No" to renewal question #6 regarding continuing education and denote your plans to obtain 40 hours of CE.
  • You do not need to submit documentation or proof of 40 hours of continuing education during your renewal; the Board audits licensees for CE compliance in the Summer

Inactive Status Renewal Information

If you do not practice in Minnesota but wish to maintain your license, you may renew your license in inactive status.  CE is not required to renew in inactive license; however, to convert the license back to active status in Minnesota, you will need to document that you have completed the necessary CE. The renewal fee for an inactive license is $100 for two years. A late fee of one-half the renewal fee will be assessed to renewals postmarked after February 28 of the renewal year ($100 for late active renewals; $50 for late inactive renewals).  Licenses not renewed 60 days after the renewal date will be suspended for non-payment. If you need to change your license from "active" status to "inactive" status please contact the Board at 651-201-2844 or

  • Fee: $100
  • Late Fee: $50 ($150 total)
  • Licensees renewing in inactive status do not need to report CE
  • There is a renewal question regarding CE; For renewal question #6 please answer "No" and enter comment "I have an inactive license" if you have not obtained the 40 hours of CE required for an active MN license.
  • Please note that to convert your license from "inactive" to "active" status licensees must demonstrate to the Board proof of CE for the years "inactive" or proof of a license in good standing with the state in which they are currently "active".

Minnesota Rules 9100.0500, subpart 7:

Subp. 7. Inactive license. A person holding a current unrestricted license to practice veterinary medicine in Minnesota may, at the time of the person's next biennial license renewal date, renew the license as an inactive license at one-half the renewal fee of an unrestricted license. The license may be continued in an inactive status by renewal on a biennial basis at one-half the regular license fee.
A. A person holding an inactive license is not permitted to practice veterinary medicine in Minnesota and remains under the disciplinary authority of the board.
B. A person may convert a current inactive license to an unrestricted license upon application to and approval by the board. The application must include:
(1) documentation of licensure in good standing and of having met continuing education requirements of current state of practice, or documentation of having met Minnesota continuing education requirements retroactive to the date of licensure inactivation;
(2) certification by the applicant that the applicant is not currently under disciplinary orders or investigation for acts that could result in disciplinary action in any other jurisdiction; and
(3) payment of a fee equal to the full difference between an inactive and unrestricted license if converting during the first year of the biennial license cycle or payment of a fee equal to one-half the difference between an inactive and an unrestricted license if converting during the second year of the license cycle.
§C. Deadline for renewal of an inactive license is March 1 of the first year of the biennial license renewal period. A late renewal penalty of one-half the inactive renewal fee must be paid if renewal is received after March 1.

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