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CBC Process Timeline

The average time to complete the CBC process from the time you receive the introductory email until the CBC report is delivered to the board is about 31 days. Want to expedite this process? See CBC Tips.

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1. Receive & Review fingerprints and forms — 1 day

The CBCP office receives your fingerprints and consent forms in our office (either by taking your prints in our office or by mail). Mailed cards and forms are usually reviewed for compliance on the day they are received or on the next business day. Please note that in periods of high volume, it can take up to a week to process fingerprint cards. Also be aware that if any information is incomplete or incorrect, you will receive an email requesting additional information or documentation.

2. Transmit Fingerprints — Up to 7 days

The CBCP transmits the prints to the BCA, who in turn transmit them to the FBI. Fingerprints taken in our office are usually transmitted on the day of your appointment. Fingerprints mailed to our office are usually processed and transmitted within one business day; however, during high volume periods it can take up to a week to transmit the prints. You will receive a status update by email at the time the prints are transmitted.

3. Report received by CBCP — Up to 3 weeks

There is a three-week turnaround time from the time the prints have been transmitted to the BCA until the CBCP receives the report. We do not provide any status updates during this time. Most of the reports (85–90%) are received in less than two weeks. A few (2%) exceed the three-week turnaround time.

4. Process report and deliver to Board — 1 day

When the report is received in the CBCP office, it is processed either the same day it is received or on the next business day. You will receive a status update email informing you that the report is being delivered to the board.

NOTE: Additional time required for prints found to be unclassifiable by the FBI — Up to 3 months

If the report is returned to the CBCP with notification that your prints were not classifiable, you will be required to submit a second set of fingerprints. If the second set is rejected, you will be required to pay an additional CBC fee to the Board and then submit a third set of prints. If the third set is rejected, our office will place a background check request with the BCA based only on your name and date of birth. It is a requirement under current Minnesota law that three sets of fingerprints be rejected before an alternative method is allowed. This part of the process can take up to three or four months as each time the prints are submitted we are required to wait for the results before we transmit another set. Rejections occur in about 3% of all board applicants.

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