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General Information

In general, doctors of chiropractic must obtain continuing education in order to remain eligible for an active license to practice. Continuing Education must be acquired every year, and the doctor must attest to having completed the CE as part of their license renewal. In addition, they will be required to provide proof of attendance to the Board upon request. Failure to do so will result in substantial penalties.

General Requirements

During the year doctors of chiropractic must complete a total of 20 hours in subjects which have been approved by the Board or a Board approved Continuing Education Sponsor. (This is new . . . please see Schedule of Required Courses.) Some of these hours must be in specific categories as follows:

  • 3 hours must be in X-ray or advanced imaging related subjects (technical, diagnostic, and/or safety)
  • 1 hour in professional boundaries (preventing boundary crossing and preserving the doctor/patient relationship)
    • Note: while boundary crossing behavior is an ethical violation, not all ethical violations are boundary crossing. Only CE covering boundary crossing behavior is approved for professional boundaries CE.
    • Non-boundary-related Ethics programs will count as Regular CE.
  • 2 hours in acupuncture/meridian therapy related subjects (if registered to perform acupuncture services)
  • 6 additional hours in animal chiropractic related subjects (if registered to perform animal chiropractic services)

All continuing education requirements are established by Minnesota Rule 2500.1200. Programs must be approved directly by the Board or by a person or organization who has registered as a Continuing Education Sponsor [Minn. R. 2500.1410]

These requirements must be completed by December 31 of each in order to be licensed on January 1 of the following year. For clarification, please review the schedule.


A person or organization wishing to provide continuing education credit to licensed Minnesota chiropractors, must provide programs which have been approved through one of two methods.  [Minn. R. 2500.1410]


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