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Enterprise Master Contract Programs

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Healthcare Temporary Staffing

Program provides Temporary Staffing for Healthcare and Direct Care.

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Court Reporter, Deposition, and Transcription

This master contract program has been eliminated and no future enterprise contract will be forthcoming.

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Aerial Imagery & Lidar Services

Program provides aerial imagery and/or aerial lidar data collection with associated derived products and data processing services to support a wide variety of geospatial business needs. 

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Program provides end-users with cost effective captioning, remediation, and document/template creation and conversions services.

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COVID-19 Testing Services

Program provides vendors for at-home testing options, bulk order purchasing of tests, lab processing, data reporting of lab results to individuals and to the state as required by law, dashboarding and analytic capabilities.

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Data Analytics

Program provides a wide array of data analytics services to support informed, data-driven decision making and to ensure resources are properly managed.

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Document Review, Hosting and Data Collection

Program provides onsite and offsite document review, hosted document services, data scanning and processing services, data collection, electronic file processing and production of documents

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Environmental Review and Technical Services

Program provides planning, consultation, document preparation, and production of environmental review documents, along with other technical specialties. 

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MNSITE (Minnesota Seeking IT Expertise)

Program provides a streamlined, automated process to secure highly-skilled IT related professional contractors and consultants. This program can be used to procure both Staff Augmentation or Deliverable/Fixed Cost services.

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Retro and Re-Commissioning Services

Program provides building performance assessment, improvement process that spans energy and water use and occupant comfort and experience.

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Master Contract Program Support

For questions and administrative support please contact Mark Haselman.

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