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Tip Sheets - AWARxE Help

Change Your Email 

Shows how to change/update an email address (username) within a MN PMP AWARxE account. 

Delegate Auditing

Shows the process for AWARxE account holders to review searches performed under their authority by authorized delegates. Email notifications are sent quarterly to supervising account holders whose delegate(s) have performed at least one search in the previous quarter. 

Delegate Management 

Shows process for approving, removing authorized access for, and permanently deleting delegates for supervising account holders. 

Update your Specialty 

Assists account holders changing/updating a self-assigned Healthcare Specialty within an AWARxE account. 


Shows prescribing account holders how to review and search prescriptions reported to the MN PMP, in the previous 12 months, with the DEA number(s) associated with their account.

Print a My Profile Page 

Assists account holders with printing a details page showing the registration date and status of their MN PMP AWARxE account, if needed for any verification purpose.

Access Requests History

Shows account holders how to review and search through a list of searches performed in the previous 120 days attributed to their MN PMP account. (Includes searches performed by themselves and their authorized delegates.)

Reset Password Via Text Code

Instructs account holders how to use a mobile phone number to perform an expedited password reset. 


Instructions for those that have been granted access to the RxManagement feature within AWARxE.  This feature is for MN PMP account holders working in a pharmacy that have data reporting or correcting responsibilities within that pharmacy. 

Prescriber Report Reference Guide

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