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Required Registration for Prescribers and Pharmacists

Minnesota Statutes Sect. 152.126 subd. 6(c) reads in part...  

  • every prescriber licensed by a health-related licensing board listed in section 214.01, subdivision 2, practicing within this state who is authorized to prescribe controlled substances for humans and who holds a current registration issued by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, and
  • every pharmacist licensed by the board and practicing within the state,
shall register and maintain a user account with the prescription monitoring program.

To Register

Registration is easy. Click here and view the New Accounts tab.  Here you will find basic instruction, Quick Reference Guides for new account holders, and a link to begin registration. 

To Maintain

Once you are approved for your MN PMP account you are required to login annually to review and update your profile information.  This is called performing your Profile Update.  Your Profile Update is required to be performed before the 12 month anniversary of your account creation date, or your last Profile Update, which ever is most recent.  10 days prior to this date you will receive an email notification that your Profile Update is due.  Follow the steps below:

  • Login to your MN PMP account
  • During this period your profile information will be presented upon login. Review the profile information.
  • Choose one:
    • Everything is Correct (update complete)
    • Skip for Now - allows you to proceed into the PMP database without performing review.  Profile Review must be completed within 10 days.
    • Edit Information - make changes and click "Save and Continue" (update complete)

If no action is taken an additional email notification is sent 3 days prior to the date your Profile Update is due.

If your Profile Update deadline date passes and no review is completed, your account will be deactivated.  You will be considered out of compliance the statute requirement to register for and maintain a MN PMP account.  

You must contact the program staff for reactivation. 

Exemption from Requirement to Register for an Account

If you feel that your practice situation or license status may EXEMPT you from the requirement to register for and maintain a MN PMP account, please contact a representative from your licensing board. The MN PMP staff are unable to determine whether your particular situation would be exempt. Compliance oversight of this requirement is the responsibility of the board that has issued your license. 

Please note: if at any time one or more of your credentials required to qualify for a MN PMP account expire (license or DEA, if applicable), your account will be deactivated.  It is not necessary to notify the PMP staff of a retirement or other similar situations. 

Contact your MN Health Licensing Board

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