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Random Audit

Minnesota Statutes Sect. 152.126 subd. 6(m) says in part...

The board shall conduct random audits, on at least a quarterly basis, of … access by permissible users... to ensure compliance with permissible use as defined in this section. A permissible user whose account has been selected for a random audit shall respond to an inquiry by the board, no later than 30 days after receipt of notice that an audit is being conducted. 

If you are selected for a random audit you will be notified by email. You will be given the following instructions:

1. Review your Patient Requests

  • Login to MN PMP AWARxE
  • Access your Recent Requests via your MyDashboard, click on "View Requests History;"
  • or by selecting Menu > RxSearch > Recent Requests.
  • You will be presented with all Patient Requests made by you.
  • Select the Advanced Options menu to filter by Search Date, enter the auditing period listed above.
  • View each request performed during the above auditing period line-by-line, verifying this was your patient during the time the request was made (you are not required to view each separate report.)
  • You can review requests within the Requests History table or Download a PDF to view and print for review.
  • Continue audit until all patient requests have been reviewed.
2. Submit your Attestation
  • Click on the link included in the communication to attest that searches were performed permissibly or to request additional information. 
Note: Failure to respond may result in deactivation of access to the electronic system and referral to the appropriate health licensing board, or the commissioner of human services, for further action.
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