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Delegate Audit FAQ

  • 1. Why must I audit my delegates' PMP searches?

    Answer: The statute that allows account holders to delegate access to an agent or employee to search the PMP on behalf of a supervising account holder also holds that account holder responsible for each search performed under their authority. A required quarterly audit is an opportunity for each supervising account holder to review searchers performed under their authority to ensure delegates are permissibly accessing the database. This is also a time to review delegates associated with your account to remove any individuals no longer assisting with your practice.
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  • 2. How do I perform an audit of my delegates' PMP searches?

    Answer: Follow the steps below
    • Login to “MN PMP AWARxE®”
    • During the quarterly auditing period, a banner will display on My Dashboard, announcing the time frame of the delegate auditing period
    • Select User Profile < My Profile < Delegate Management to access Delegate Management and begin the auditing process
    • Select View in the Requests History column for each delegate that indicates “Needs Review.” (These are delegates that performed searches on your behalf in the previous quarter.)
    • Review the delegate’s request history
    • Once you have reviewed the delegate’s request history, check the box beside:  I have reviewed PMP Searches for this delegate as required by state regulation; and click Submit
    • Repeat for each delegate if applicable.
    • You can also reference the Delegate Auditing Tip Sheet for instruction.
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  • 3. I have removed/ rejected my delegate(s), how can I audit their PMP searches?

    Answer: The PMP Searches performed by your delegate(s) in the last 120 days will remain viewable.
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  • 4. I have completed auditing, what do I do next?

    Answer: Once you have reviewed the delegate’s request history and checked the box to indicate completion of the review, there are no further steps. The new auditing module within AWARxE has reporting functionality, making this process more efficient.
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  • 5. Can someone other than the supervising account holder assist with the auditing requirement?

    Answer: No. Delegate audits must be performed by the supervisor of the delegate(s). This legislation was NOT brought forward by the Board of Pharmacy or the PMP, rather law makers that have interest in protecting the health data that is stored in the PMP database.
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  • 6. I found my delegate performed a PMP search, under my authority, for a patient I do not recognize. What do I do next?

    Answer: MN recommends the following choices:
    • First, acknowledge that you have reviewed the delegate’s PMP Search History by clicking the appropriate box and Submit.
    • If the delegate is a mutual delegate of other providers in your practice and the patient is a patient of the practice, it is likely the delegate mistakenly selected the wrong authorizing provider when searching.  It is recommended you discuss with the delegate the importance of associating the correct provider with each search to avoid potential repercussions.
    • If the delegate was not searching on behalf of another provider in your practice, and the patient is not one of your patients, you must immediately remove the delegate’s access AND notify the Prescription Monitoring Program staff via email ( within 7 days of identifying the alleged impermissible access.  For assistance managing delegate access on your account see Delegate Management Tip Sheet.
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  • 7. I have the "remove" delegate function, but cannot locate "reject" delegate to permanently delete, can the MN PMP staff do this for me?

    Answer: Please refer to the Delegate Management Tip Sheet, there are notes located at the bottom of the document. Once a delegate is removed that delegate is placed back into pending status; exit and go back to the Delegate Management screen, highlight the removed delegate then select “Reject.”
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  • 8. I missed the Delegate Auditing Period for this past quarter, how do I reauthorize a delegate?

    Answer: You must re-delegate approval to your agent or employee. The delegate must again request access via their PMP delegate account or you may add the individual as a new delegate. See the Delegate Management Tip Sheet for instruction.
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