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LPC Supervised Professional Practice

According to Minnesota Statutes 148B.53, applicants for the LPC license are required to complete 2,000 hours of post-degree supervised professional practice, either before licensure or after.

Supervised Professional Practice completed before Licensure:
  • If an applicant completed 2,000 hours of supervised, post-masters professional practice with a Board Approved Supervisor prior to applying for the LPC; 
Supervised Professional Practice completed after Licensure: 
  • If an applicant has not completed 2,000 hours of supervised, post-masters professional practice with board-approved supervision prior to applying for the LPC; 
    • Applicants must find a Board Approved LPC/LPCC supervisor; and 
    • Complete a supervision plan (section G of the LPC application) confirming that the applicant and the supervisor will complete your 2,000 hours in compliance with the Board's supervision requirements.
      • The LPC license will be issued under this supervision plan if approved by the Board.  
  • Once the 2,000 hours of supervised, post-masters professional practice is completed, the supervisor must complete a Verification of Supervision Plan Completion form and send it directly to the BBHT office at - 335 Randolph Avenue, Suite 290, St. Paul, MN 55102.
    • The license will be then converted from LPC-Supervised to LPC-Independent status. 
How to find a Board Approved LPC/LPCC Supervisor: 
Change of Supervisor? 
  • If you started supervision with a new supervisor, complete the LPC Supervision Plan Change form and send it to the BBHT office. 
  • Make sure your previous supervisor completes the document verifying the practice hours you completed. 

COVID-19 Supervised Practice: 

See for information related to COVID-19 supervision practices.

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