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Professional Technical Contracts

We facilitate and oversee the state's utilization of contract services that are intellectual in nature, such as consulting, analysis, evaluation, planning, programming, or recommendation. Professional or technical contracts do not include the provision of supplies or materials except by the approval of the Commissioner of the Department of Administration or except as incidental to the provision of professional or technical services.

What Solution Is Right for Me?

Guidance in determining which contracting solution is appropriate for your purchase.

Post RFP Notice

Create announcements for solicitations in our Secure Area.

State Register

The Minnesota State Register is the official publication of the State of Minnesota’s Executive Branch of government.

Contract Manual and Policies

Professional Technical Contracting Manual and Policies.

Enterprise Master Contract Programs

Pre-approved Vendors in several service categories for State Agencies and Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) members.

Right Step Compliance Program

The program conducts reviews on active acquisition contracts to confirm that parameters are being followed.

P/T Service Contract Opportunities

Information for Professional/Technical Service Contracting Opportunities.

Information for State Agencies

Frequently asked questions.

P/T Unit

Contact information for the Professional/Technical contracting unit.

PT Contract Forms

Professional/Technical Forms in the Secure Area.

P/T Coordinators

State agency contacts for Professional/Technical contracting.

Equity Select Resources

Area with Equity Select Resources, including Equity Select Templates and other items.

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