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photo of the inside dome of the Minnesota state capitol rotunda

State Government

If you are from a Minnesota state government agency, you're in the right place!

Acquisitions/Procure Goods and General Services

TG/ED/VO Directory, Cooperative Purchase Venture (CPV), Authority for Local Purchase (ALP) Manual, and Training.

Service Providers

DEED Certified and DHS Licensed Providers, and MINNCOR.

Professional/Technical Contracts

Services that are intellectual in character, including consultation, analysis, evaluation, predication, planning, or programming, or recommendation, and result in the production of a report or the completion of a task.

Post Solicitation Announcement

Create announcements for solicitations in our Secure Area.

Monthly Procurement Update Archive

Newsletter for goods and non-professional/technical services.

Environmentally Responsible Purchasing

Find resources on environmentally preferable products that contain fewer toxic materials, minimize waste, contain recycled content, conserve energy and water, and contain plant-based materials.


OSP offers training programs to educate purchasing staff. These classes are for State of Minnesota employees only and registration is required.

Provide Feedback

Contract Feedback Form, Vendor Performance Report, and P/T contract performance evaluations (search).

Suspended/Debarred Vendors

The Office of State Procurement maintains a list of all State of MN suspensions and debarments, with link to federal debarment information.

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