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MIAC Language Revitalization

Language Revitalization 1    

According to the language set forth in the 2021 Minnesota Session Laws, 92nd Legislature, Special Session, Chapter 1, Article 4, Sec. 2, Subdivision 9, funds were allocated for the Indian Affairs Council to provide grants to preserve Dakota and Ojibwe Indian language and to foster education programs and immersion programs in Dakota and Ojibwe language.

The Dakota and Ojibwe Language Revitalization Grant program, which funds revitalization of Minnesota's first languages, is underwritten by an appropriation from the state's Legacy Fund Amendment. MN Legacy Fund Amendment Information. The eligible project areas are intentionally broad and somewhat flexible to allow creativity and innovation with intent that a diverse array of projects can be funded. Recognized educational institutions in Minnesota, and 510 (C)(3) non-profits located in the State of Minnesota and currently registered with the Secretary of State's office are strongly encouraged to apply.

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