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2nd Annual Dakota and Ojibwe Language Symposium Flyer

Dakota & Ojibwe Language Symposium 

February 9-10th, 2023

The Minnesota Indian Affairs Council’s Language Revitalization Working Group, partnering with the Minnesota Humanities Center, is hosting a Dakota & Ojibwe Languages Symposium! The goal of the symposium is to bring people working in Dakota & Ojibwe language revitalization together. We want to use this time to celebrate the successes of what some groups have done in the past, highlight what is currently going on in the field, and help shape future language revitalization efforts. We also want to elevate the visibility of Indigenous languages throughout the state of Minnesota. By bringing people together, we hope this symposium serves as an opportunity for individuals to network with other Dakota & Ojibwe language professionals. The event will be in-person and broadcast virtually! Registration info is also in the bio/body of the email. 


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