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Shannon Geshick

Aaniin Indinawemaaganag. Gaawiin aapiji initaa ojibwemosii. Inanda-gikendaman Ojibwemowin. Shannon Giizhik indizhinikaaz. Giniwikwe indigoo ojibwemong. Adik indoodem. Asaabiikone-zaaga`iganing indoonjibaa. Ashkibagi-ziibiing indaa.
Shannon Geshick, citizen of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, is the Executive Director for the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council. In this capacity, she works to protect tribal sovereignty and promote the wellbeing of American Indians citizens in the state. Shannon is passionate about socioeconomic justice and increased access to institutions historically limited or denied American Indians. She is a board member of the MN Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and sits on the Indian Advisory Council for the Minnesota Historical Society. She is honored to be a Native Nations Rebuilder through the Native Governance Center.
Her main role is that of a mother and grandmother who served as the board chair for the Roseville and St. Paul American Indian parent committees and was recognized as the Parent of the Year by the Minnesota Indian Education Association. Shannon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethnic Studies with a focus on Indigenous issues at Metropolitan State University and her master’s degree in Tribal Administration and Governance at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Shannon is an urban garden enthusiast and excels at listening to good jokes. Aside from spending time with family, her favorite pastimes are fishing and star gazing.
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