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Site-Level Forest Management Committee


  • Review and propose revisions to the MFRC's voluntary site-level timber harvesting and forest management guidelines (FMGs) to the full council
  • Provide oversight and direction to the Department of Natural Resources related t the process of monitoring the application of the MFRC's FMGs on public and privante forestland in Minnesota. Evaluate guideline monitoring results and identifying areas in need of improved implementation to protect Minnesota's forest resources during management activities.
  • Support research initiatives that study the effectiveness of the MFRC's FMGs in protecting resource functions and values.
  • Provide oversite and direction to MFRC staff and contractor(s) on the Public Concern Reporting Process (PCRP) process, investigatons, and reports. 
Staff Liaison: Applied Forest Science Coordinator
2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan

Meeting Summaries

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