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Scott Johnson

Image of Council member Scott Johnson with caption that reads Johnson working in the field.Like most Council members, Scott Johnson’s path began with a personal interest in hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors.  Once he entered a career in forest management, it became clear not only that land-use practices are important to forest habitat, but also that the forest products industry plays an essential role in achieving ecological and recreational goals.  From his perspective, the economic and ecological sustainability of keeping forests as forests, particularly keeping public forest lands public, often depends on a capable forest industry.  It is this knowledge and his personal interests that have led Scott to a career where he works on projects that integrate timber products, silviculture, forest wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation. 
As Ruffed Grouse Society/American Woodcock Society (RGS/AWS) Forest Conservation Coordinator for Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin, Scott is a great fit for representing Game Species Management Organizations on the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. RGS/AWS members are mostly ruffed grouse and American woodcock hunters who support scientifically guided conservation and management efforts to ensure healthy forests and the future of these species.  Scott’s representation on the Council and work with RGS/AWS also includes significant complimentary interaction with other conservation non-profits, agencies, and private industries that have interest in forest game species habitat management.  
Along his career journey Scott has worked with an impressively diverse collection of partners and employers on an equally impressive variety of projects.  Scott says that finding a place of work with TGS/AWS where he gets to focus explicitly on forest health and wildlife while uniting conservationists is the over-arching highlight of his career.  He does point to one specific project that holds special value.  On the project, Scott and a forester worked with a group of loggers to build a program for planning and completing forest management projects; notably projects integrating timber harvesting and forest habitat development work. Scott found that the planning for this project, the direct involvement, and witnessing multiple objective management plans in implementation was very rewarding.  However, the real highlight and lasting impact on Scott’s life is that the forester partner on the project has since become his wife!
Since most of Scott’s career has been in field project management, the MFRC Site-level Forest Management Guidelines (FMGs) have been an important reference to ensure consideration of best practices.  From the start of his career through the present, Scott has been involved with MFRC activities via the use of the FMGs, participation in site-level monitoring events, and field trainings.  As a Council member, Scott is excited to participate in Council committees and regional landscape committees as this work aligns with his increasingly important role with RGS/AWS to collaborate with partners and stakeholders on landscape scale planning.  In addition, Scott really likes working with people, so he is looking forward to a new opportunity to engage with Council members and other folks around natural resource topics. 
With an eye to the future, Scott hopes that the MFRC will continue to engage diverse stakeholder perspectives and be a valuable leader in the promotion of: sustainable forest management, solutions that provide for forest products, functioning forest ecosystems that provide habitat for wildlife, and opportunities for people to enjoy all that the forest has to offer, himself included.  
Scott stays connected with his stakeholders formally through regular Minnesota staff meetings which include his counterparts in member engagement, fundraising, and communications as well as through his participation in membership engagement functions.  Importantly, his participation in several forestry and forest habitat collaboratives and committees offers regular tangible interaction with external stakeholders.  
If you would like to connect with Scott Johnson, contact him at  The Minnesota Forest Resources Council exists to support and advocate for Minnesotans like you! Please join us for our bimonthly public meetings, with Zoom links available via our calendar. We hope to see you there. 
Council member Scott Johnson ruffed grouse hunting with his dog Scout.
Johnson ruffed grouse hunting with dog Scout.
Council member Scott Johnson in a winter scene with his wife and children.
Johnson with his family.
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