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ABE Five-Year Narrative

Minnesota Department of Corrections
ABE Five-Year Narrative(2016-2021)

Section One:Program Overview

Attachment 1A: DOC Map of Facility Locations

Attachment 1B: DOC Division Directive 204.040 Education

Attachment 1C: DOC Education Flow Chart

Section Two: Program and Student Accountability

Attachment B: Student Orientation and Intake Policy

Attachment C: Assessment Policy

Attachment D: Student Attendance Policy

Attachment E1: Student Attendance Contract

Attachment E2: Sample Student Progress Intervention

Attachment F: Sample Student Attendance Sheet (completed)

Attachment G: Student Intake/Initial Registration Form

Attachment H: Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Attachment I: Volunteer Orientation and Training Plan

Section Three: Staff and Professional Development

Attachment J: Consortium Professional Development Plan

Attachment K: Administrative Professional Development Plan

Attachment L: Support Staff Professional Development Plan

Attachment M: Instructional Staff Professional Development Plan

Attachment 3A: DOC Education PD outline

Attachment 3B: DOC New Employee Orientation Checklist

Attachment 3B.1: DOC Sample "Go-to" Manual

Attachment 3B.2: Master Academic Plan (MAP)

Attachment 3C: Example of Site PD Expenditures FY15

Section Four:Instructional Program Description

Attachment N: Instructional Course Descriptions

Attachment 4A: ACES Observation Form

Section Five:Program Governance and Coordination

Attachment O: Consortium Annual Agreement Does Not Apply

Attachment 5A: DOC Education Unit Org Chart

Attachment 5B: DOC Education Fact Sheet

Section Six: Program Partnerships and Collaboration

Attachment P: MOU with Local Workforce Center Does Not Apply

Attachment Q: Workforce Investment Board Does Not Apply

Attachment R: Transitions 3.0 Plan FY 2016-2017

Section Seven: Technology and Distance Learning Plan

Attachment S: Technology Plan

Attachment 7A: Technology Available by Site

Section Eight: Future Plans and Issues

Attachment T: Program Future Plan

Section Nine: Annual Consortium Grant Application

Attachment U: Annual Grant NRS Tables

Attachment V: Does Not Apply; No Sub-Grantees

Attachment W: Annual Grant Including Assurances

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