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Provider-Coordinator Applications

Standard Provider- Coordinator

Information regarding requirements for approved coordinators or providers of license education programs for Real Estate, Appraisers, and Insurance. Includes necessary forms.

MN Statute 45.31.Subd.1 provides that each License Education Provider must have at least one approved Coordinator who is responsible for supervising the License Education Provider's Program and assuring compliance with Minnesota laws and rules governing license education. License Education Providers may also apply for approval of additional Coordinators to act as assistant coordinators or emergency substitute coordinators if necessary.

Each Coordinator must be approved and on file with the Commerce Department. Coordinator approval may not be transferred to an individual who has not already been approved as an additional coordinator for the applicable license type for the providership in question. An individual must be approved as a coordinator by the commissioner before acting on behalf of an approved education provider. MN Statute 45.31.Subd.2.(b)

Qualified Provider- Coordinator

Information regarding special requirements for currently approved Standard Providers to apply for Qualified Provider approval. Includes necessary forms for providers and courses.


Minn. Statute Chapter 45.30 Continuing Education. Subd. 6. Course approval

(a) Courses must be approved by the commissioner in advance. A course that is required by federal criteria or a reciprocity agreement to receive a substantive review will be approved or disapproved on the basis of its compliance with the provisions of laws and rules relating to the appropriate industry. At the commissioner's discretion, a course that is not required by federal criteria or a reciprocity agreement to receive a substantive review may be approved based on a qualified provider's certification on a form specified by the commissioner that the course complies with the provisions of this chapter and the laws and rules relating to the appropriate industry. For the purposes of this section, a "qualified provider" is one of the following: (1) a degree-granting institution of higher learning located within this state; (2) a private school licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education; or (3) when conducting courses for its members, a bona fide trade association that staffs and maintains in this state a physical location that contains course and student records and that has done so for not less than three years.

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