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2020 Legislative Proposal

Why is the BOSW Proposing Legislative Policy Changes?

The Minnesota Board of Social Work Legislation and Rules Committee, comprised of board members, board staff, and three representatives of the BOSW Advisory Committee, was charged to review each section of the Social Work Practice Act as part of the BOSW 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. The last comprehensive review of the BOSW Practice Act took place in 2004-2005. During 2019, at three public board meetings, the Board approved the Committee’s strategic recommendations to move forward a noncontroversial 2020 Legislative Proposal to update and reform 13 sections of the BOSW Practice Act. The Committee will continue its work until review of the county licensing exemption, supervised practice, and standards of practice sections are complete.  

2020 Legislative Proposal Side-by-Side Comparison Fact Sheet

2020 Legislative Proposal Summary

What Are the Goals of the Proposal?

This proposal is the culmination of almost two years of the Board’s intentional strategic initiative to ensure data informed policy, relevant regulation, and responsiveness to stakeholder concerns. The proposal includes changes to 13 sections of statute. Goals include:

  • Addressing license mobility
  • Reducing unnecessary licensing barriers
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Considering workforce issues
  • Incorporating technology standards

The proposal is intended to be noncontroversial and includes technical and housekeeping changes and policy improvements. Substantial effort has gone into reorganizing sections and subdivisions to increase clarity, readability with plain language, and to simplify sections whenever possible. The BOSW appreciates the dedicated efforts of committee members, including stakeholders, board members, and staff, to produce this legislative proposal. We are confident the proposal will create outcomes that benefit applicants, licensees, the mental health workforce, citizens of Minnesota, and the BOSW.

What Are the Proposed Changes?

The 2020 Legislative Proposal includes changes to 13 sections of statute. The links below include a brief summary of the proposed changes and rationale for each section of statute, as well as the proposed revisions to statutory language:

What’s Next?

The Board is committed to keeping stakeholders informed. The Board will continue to meet with stakeholder groups and provide timely updates through our website and to email subscribers.  Any concerns raised will be thoroughly vetted to ensure a noncontroversial proposal. Committee meeting agendas and minutes continue to be posted to the Legislation and Rules section of the Board Committees page at the Board’s website. Check this page for updates and subscribe to Licensing News & Updates to stay informed!

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