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If you are experiencing difficulty with accessing information on this website, call 612-617-2100 for assistance.

In order to view and navigate our site, including processing renewals for the year, the most current version of the following internet browsers must be installed on your device:
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
The change to our renewal processing and required upgrade to current internet browsers helps us ensure your utmost safety as you navigate and input your information on our site. To streamline requests and confirm efficiency, please attempt a browser upgrade prior to beginning your renewal.

BOSW Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Check 

As of November 28, 2017, all applicants for initial licensure must submit to a fingerprint based criminal background check under Minnesota Statutes section 214.075.   Please click Criminal Background Check for more information.

Opportunity to Serve as a Board Member October 2017

There are two Board member unscheduled vacancies with terms ending January 6, 2020 and January 4, 2021.   In addition, there are three scheduled vacancies for Board members whose terms end January 1, 2018.  Read more here:  Vacancy Notice and Board Member Position Description


Association of Social Work Boards 

ASWB Releases New Blueprints for 2018 Examination Changes

ASWB Social Work Practice Mobility Initiatives

Loan Forgiveness Program for Mental Health Professionals

The Office of Rural Health and Primary Care (ORPHC), Minnesota Department of Health, administers the program funded by the State of Minnesota authorizing the health professional loan forgiveness in both rural program and urban program areas.  For more information and submit an application see the ORHPC website:

Licensing Transition Period Exception for Grandfathered Licensees Ends December 31, 2017  

The time limited Licensing Transition Exception, under the 2013-2014 grandfathering law, ends December 31, 2017.  This provision allowed licensees who hold a current LGSW or LISW license issued under a grandfathering period, and do not hold an MSW degree accredited by CSWE, to apply for either the LISW or LICSW license, provided they meet all other license requirements.
  • Transition Period Exception applications must be received by 12/31/2017.  Applications received by 12/31/2017 must complete all other LISW or LICSW license requirements within one year from the date the Board receives the application.
  • Any application received after 12/31/2017 under the Transition Period Exception will be denied. 
  • Applicants may apply through the Board's Online Services
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