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Information for Continuing Education (CE) Providers

The Board approves CE Providers, not specific CE activities. Pre-approval is not required for CE to meet requirements for license renewal, but CE activities completed through a Board-approved CE Provider are automatically accepted. Find complete CE Provider requirements under Minnesota Statutes section 148E.145 and CE requirements for license renewal under Minnesota Statutes section 148E.130.

Applying as a CE Provider

Submit application and fee:

Apply by mail: Download the CE Provider Application form and submit via mail with check or money order
Submit application and at least 30 days prior to the program date

One-year approval & expiration:

CE Provider approvals are valid for one year from the date an application and fee are received and approved by the Board 
The Board will notify CE Providers of approval via mail and provide a CE Provider number 
Pre-approval applies only to CE activities offered within the one-year approval period and cannot be applied retroactively to any CE activities offered prior approval from Board
CE activities offered after the one-year CE Provider expiration date are not pre-approved and cannot be advertised as pre-approved 
CE Providers are listed on the Board’s Pre-Approved Continuing Education Providers online service 

CE Provider fees and limit on clock hours offered:

CE Provider fees are based on the number of CE activity clock hours offered in a one-year period (1 clock hour = 60 minutes of learning): 
  • 1-8 clock hours: $50 
  • 9-16 clock hours: $100 
  • 17-32 clock hours: $200 
  • 33-48 clock hours: $400 
  • 49 or more clock hours: $600 
During the one-year period, an approved CE Provider may not provide more than the number of hours applied for and approved
To offer additional hours during the one-year period, approved CE Providers must submit a new CE Provider application and fee

Reapplying for approval after one-year expiration:

After the one-year period, CE Providers can reapply as needed by submitting a new CE Provider application and fee

CE Provider audit:

CE Provider applications and programs may be audited by the Board
Review requirements for CE activities and records retention below

CE Provider Responsibilities

CE activity requirements:

An approved CE Provider must ensure that all CE activities:
Promote the standards of practice described in Minnesota Statutes sections 148E.195 to 148E.240  
Contribute to the practice of social work as defined in Minnesota Statues section 148E.010
Are presented by individuals with expertise in the material or content 

Required documentation and audit:

Approved CE Providers must maintain the following information for three years following the end of each program activity and must submit documentation if audited: 
1. Program title
2. Description of program content and objectives 
3. Program date 
4. Program number of clock hours
5. Whether the program was presented as a live interactive activity or continuing education independent learning
6. Names and qualifications of program presenters
7. List of program attendees

Approved CE Providers must also provide documentation of completion to each participant that includes the following information:

For educational workshops, seminars, conferences, or live webinars - documentation of attendance issued by the presenter or sponsor must include: 
  • Name of sponsor
  • Title and date of the activity 
  • Number of clock hours
  • Names of presenters

CE requirements for license renewal:

Go to the Continuing Education page for complete information
For every two-year license renewal term, ALL LICENSEES must complete:
  • 40 total  hours, including 
    • 2 hours in social work ethics 
    • 4 hours in cultural responsiveness
    • Up to half  (50%) of the 40 total hours may be completed through  independent learning  which includes activities like: 
      • Online activities without live interaction 
      • Research for publication, presentations, or professional development
For LICSWs, 40 hours must include:
  • 12  hours  clinical  content  (decreased from 24 hours effective August 1, 2020)

For LICENSING SUPERVISORS, providing licensing supervision, 40 hours must include:
  • 6  hours  supervision  content

LICSW applicants CE option:

  • LICSW applicants must document 360 clock hours in six clinical knowledge areas
    • 120 of these hours may be satisfied through CE, which may be completed via CE independent learning
  • Six clinical knowledge areas:
    1. differential diagnosis and biopsychosocial assessment, including normative development and psychopathology across the lifespan;
    2. assessment-based clinical treatment planning with measurable goals;
    3. clinical intervention methods informed by research and current standards of practice;
    4. evaluation methodologies;
    5. social work values and ethics, including cultural context, diversity, and social policy; or
    6. culturally specific clinical assessment and intervention

Licensing Supervisor CE requirement:

  • Licensing Supervisors must meet a one-time requirement of 30 hours of training in supervision prior to being eligible to provide licensing supervision
  • In addition, licensing supervisors must report 6 CE hours in supervision content at the time of license renewal
  • Supervision content includes material that promotes:
    • Evaluation and direction of a supervisee’s social work practice
    • Continued development of a supervisee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to practice social work in an ethical and competent manner

Continuing Education Provider FAQs

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