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Houses CroppedSafe and stable housing is a primary need for all Minnesotans.  Unfortunately, the numbers of older Minnesotans facing loss of housing due to economic instability is on the rise.  The MBA, through direct grants and the work of our partner Area Agencies on Aging, is working to address the impacts of the housing crisis on older Minnesotans by providing funding to state legal aid programs and other elder justice partners. 

These legal service providers, including Anishinabe Legal Services, Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota, Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota, Inc., Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, and Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, provide free legal assistance to eligible older Minnesotans facing housing problems (such as eviction, nursing home discharge, foreclosure, etc.), in addition to legal issues related to access to benefits, abuse or exploitation, discrimination, health care and consumer issues. 

For access to public education materials related to housing issues and civil legal rights in Minnesota, please visit LawHelp. For an intake or to speak with an attorney about housing or other civil legal issues please consult with one of the legal service providers

The MBA is proud to recognize the work of one of our project partners, the Minnesota Elder Justice Center, in expanding their educational resources and direct legal services to meet the needs of older Minnesotans with housing problems. 

MBA funding helped MEJC grow its housing related legal service offerings during 2021. Working with the MBA, the Senior Linkage Line, Office of Ombudsman for Long Term Care, and other legal partners, MEJC expanded its series of legal webinars and educated thousands of Minnesotans about their legal rights in the areas of housing (changing Assisted Living Licensure statutes and evictions / nursing home discharges), elder abuse, supported decision making, basic estate planning documents, guardianship and many more areas..

Assisted Living Licensure: Through a grant from the MBA, MEJC developed multi-lingual factsheets, a Frequently Asked Questions document for consumers regarding terminations from Assisted Living Facilities, and a detailed educational Manual to be used by advocates, caregivers and others to help prevent the loss of housing for individuals living in facilities with services.

Nursing Home Discharge: MEJC developed multi-lingual factsheets addressing the rights and remedies available to individuals at risk of discharge from nursing homes.

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